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All American Christian Martial Arts Tournament

Fourth Annual Smoky Mountain Christian Martial Arts Classics
Grappling Divisions
5 –6 Boys Light 17-18 Boys Light
5 – 6 Girls Light 17-18 Girls Light
5 – 6 Boys Heavy 17-18 Boys Middle
5 – 6 Girls Heavy 17-18 Girls Middle
7 – 9 Boys Light 17-18 Boys Heavy
7 – 9 Girls Light 17-18 Girls Heavy
7 – 9 Boys Heavy 19-30 Men Light
7 – 9 Girls Heavy 19-30 Women Light
10 – 12 Boys Light 19-30 Men Middle
10 – 12 Girls Light 19-30 Women Middle
10-12 Boys Middle 19-30 Men Heavy
10-12 Girls Middle 19-30 Women Heavy
10-12 Boys Heavy 31 & UP Men Light
10-12 Girls Heavy 31 & UP Women Light
13-14 Boys Light 31 & UP Men Middle
13-14 Girls Light 31 & UP Women Middle
13-14 Boys Middle 31 & UP Men Heavy
13-14 Girls Middle 31 & UP Women Heavy
13-14 Boys Heavy Open Division Men
13-14 Girls Heavy Open Division Women
15-16 Boys Light
15-16 Girls Light
15-16 Boys Middle
15-16 Girls Middle
15-16 Boys Heavy
15-16 Girls Heavy

Smoky Mountain Christian Martial Arts Classic
Karate for Christ Tournament Circuit Rules
Grappling Rules

  • One 2 Minute Round (1.5 Minute round for 12 and under)
  • 5 Points for throws
  • 10 points for submissions, pins, and chokes.
  • Note: submissions do NOT instantly win the match. Upon a submission, pin, or choke, the match stops, points are awarded, and then the match continues, from the standing position.
  • 1 point for open hand strikes (No strikes below the belt, to the head, or to the back. Striking allowed to torso only). Note: This is a GRAPPLING event. Controlled striking is allowed to set up throws, ETC. The fighter that will not grapple can be penalized.
  • Controlled kicks to the torso are allowed and will be awarded one point.
  • No small joint manipulation.
  • No hands to the face.
  • No biting, gouging, pinching, pressure points, pulling hair, etc.
  • Anyone “Talking Smack”, cursing, or arguing with the officials will immediately be disqualified.
  • No CHOKING allowed - students who do this will be either panelized with a one point deduction or, if the offence is obvious, an 'outright disregard' for the safety of their opponent they will be disqualified and match awarded to their opponent. Also, in underage bracket, light hand strikes to torso will be allowed to set up a technique but no kicks will be allowed.
  • The official will award points and stop the match for pins, submissions, and (chokes (adults). On a throw, points will be awarded, but the match will continue.
  • If the official sees one player has the other in a submission type or choking type technique, he may choose to stop the match and award points to protect from injury. This is NOT the UFC.
  • The players with the most points at the end of the two minute time wins.
  • A pin is constituted by holding the opponent to the mat for 10 seconds where they cannot escape, and the pinning player is not in the other players guard.
Note: NO Techniques should be “snapped”’ or done in an injurious fashion. If the official rules the technique was done without control or to cause hard, the player performing said technique is disqualified.


  • All grappling events are SINGLE elimination. If there is an uneven number of a participant, one participant will get a “pass” to the next round.
  • 1st place is awarded to the winner of the winner of the last match in a division, with the looser of that last match taking second.
  • Third place is awarded to the player not fighting in the last match with the highest point total in one match.
About the Refs:

Dr. Daryl Covington:
Vice President of Karate for Christ International. Inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2000. Undefeated NHB. 6th Dan in Shinsei Hapkido, 3rd Dan in Pa Sa Ryu. Coach for US National Team. Pastor of Straight Bayou Baptist Church. 2003 World Champion in Self Defense, Instructor at Straight Bayou Martial Arts Academy, Mississippi
Barbara K. Sullivan: Women’s Self Defense World Champion, 2003. Black Belt in Shinsei Hapkido and Kodokan Judo. Karate for Christ Board Member. Instructor at Straight Bayou Martial Arts Academy, Mississippi.
Craig Hamm: 6th Dan in Shinsei jujitsu. World Champion Weapons Competitor.

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